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The MOC Client Logger is now only available through a Donation via PayPal. You can download a 5-day fully functional trial version to check out the app and see what it's worth to you. Then come back and donate and even send some feedback.

You determine the amount that you would like to donate. Once the donation is received, an email will be sent to you with information about getting your license file. The license file will allow you to run the application on one pc as long as you'd like.


Place .dll in the Plugins directory in the main directory where you installed the application.

FYI... Outlook must be running before you start MOC Client Logger for Outlook functionality to work.

Name Modified
Outlook 2007 Plugin 10/01/2010


MOC Client Logger v3.* - MOC 2007 with/without Outlook 2007

Some features will be disabled if Outlook 2007 is not installed.

Name Modified
MOC CLient Logger v3.0 10/23/2009
MOC CLient Logger v3.0 standalone - no installer 10/23/2009
MOC CLient Logger v3.1 12/04/2009
MOC CLient Logger v3.2 10/01/2010


MOC Client Logger v2.* - MOC 2005 with/without Outlook 2007

Some features will be disabled if Outlook 2007 is not installed.

Name Modified
MOC CLient Logger v2.0.0 05/28/2008
MOC CLient Logger v2.0.1 - found bug, fixing... 07/15/2008
MOC CLient Logger v2.0.2/3 - never released
MOC CLient Logger v2.0.4 11/20/2008
MOC CLient Logger v2.0.5 02/26/2009
MOC Client Logger v2.0.5 standalone - no installer 03/11/2009
MOC CLient Logger v2.0.6 06/10/2009
MOC Client Logger v2.0.6 standalone - no installer 06/10/2009
MOC Client Logger v2.0.7 06/22/2009
MOC Client Logger v2.0.7 standalone - no installer 06/22/2009


 Version 1 is no longer available. Please use Version 2.

MOC Client Logger v1.* - MOC 2005

Name Modified
MOC CLient Logger v1.0.0 04/17/2008
MOC CLient Logger v1.0.1 04/24/2008
MOC CLient Logger v1.0.2 05/07/2008
MOC CLient Logger v1.0.3 05/27/2008
MOC CLient Logger v1.0.4 08/04/2008


MOC Client Logger v3.*


- Code refactoring

- Code enhancement to use plugin architecture for Outlook, you will need the outlook plugin in order to have outlook functionality



- Now when sending IM's received to an email address, only the last IM text comes, not the entire history

- Added the option to select which Outlook folder you want to monitor for sending IM's from email

* folder has to be located under the Inbox folder in Outlook

- Added indexing of log files to aid in quicker searching. You can select to re-index all log files via settings - general tab. And all new chats are indexed when the chat window is closed

- Added the ability to start chats via email

- Added the ability to change your status via email (AWAY/ONLINE/BUSY/INVISIBLE)

- Added the ability to get the status and presence note of someone via email

- Updated the app to automatically sense when MOC is running.

- Added new details to About window (Hardware ID, Hints, Release Notes and Feature Requests)

- Changed where settings are stored, this should remove the need for admin rights on the pc

*you will need to re-set all desired options

- Added application licensing based on hardware, old license files will not work with this release



- Initial release supporting MOC 2007

* A couple notes:

- In order to log your chats, make sure this app is running before a chat window is opened.

- When responding to chats via email, end your response with ..done


MOC Client Logger v2.*


- Fixed an issue which caused the app to crash



- Major updates to how UI looks

- added ability to create and/or send emails to anyone or everyone in your buddy list.

- Select your buddies and/or groups in your list and create a chat with all of them all at once, without having to add them one by one.

- New setting to send IM's to Outlook 2007 when your status goes to AWAY

- Cleaned up code



- Updated version 2 to work if Outlook 2007 is installed or not. Some features that require Outlook 2007 will be disabled if Outlook 2007 is not installed. Version 1 can now be retired. :)

- added the ability to export your buddy list to a .txt file



- Fixed bug in v2.0.1when checking for Outlook causing certain chats not to be logged.

- added the ability to send chats to any email address



Never released.



Changed the way Outlook was used to only open Outlook when checking that option.  So if you don't have that option checked, Outlook won't be opened in the background.



- intial release

version 2 needs both MOC 2005 and Outlook 2007 to run.

added features in v2:

  • save chats to outlook
  • send received IM's to outlook
  • ability to respond to IM's via Email (say from a blackberry)


This is the initial release, so expect some undocumented features.  AKA bugs.  :)  I've been running this version for a few weeks.


MOC Client Logger v1.*


- log colors in the search form wasn't working correctly when military time was used instead of AM/PM.  This update is only needed if you use military time



- fixed logging issue when having someone in your logging exclusion list



- added chat header to logs: participants, start/end times
- fixed issue with Open Log Folder menu item not refreshing
- added calendar option to Search Form to view log files by date
- fixed logging to put the chat log under the first person added to a group chat



- added ToolTip to Global Chat Logging and Log Status Changes menu items.
- set Global Chat Logging default to Checked.
- added multiple highlighting of searched text
- improved speed of color formatting in Search Form
- added uninstall shortcut in start menu


***Installation note***
Please uninstall v1.0.0 in add/remove programs before installing v1.0.1



- initial release